Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

How can it be that I have not posted, blogged or put anything on here since last June? Could it be because we were selling our home? Mom Henson died. We packed, found a house and moved all in 20 days! Anyone who has sold a home knows it is a full time job to keep everything in the house perfect at all times. A house is being sold for people to live in and yet it is not to look like it is lived in while you are selling it. I suppose the last few months have been so busy that they have consumed my time for any writing or blogging. Good things are happening. I'm yet adjusting to being back in Tuscaloosa, miss our friends in Little Rock but thankful to be back home in Alabama near our family. God is good and always amazes me by how he works! We just have to wait on him! Happy New Year!

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