Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding Twinkle Arabella

Awaking this morning I was in surprise I could move. After going up and down a ladder decorating with garland on top of the kitchen cabinets I didn't think I would be able to move this morning. That wonderful massage from Stan last night must have left my muscles in better shape than I had anticipated they would be this morning. As I lay in bed "waking up" Stan told me he couldn't find Twinkle Arabella. He told me it didn't look like she had been to her litter box, nor did her food bowl look to have been touched overnight. She wasn't hiding in the library or guest room, which is where she sometimes sneaks off too. She likes to hide behind the curtains on the windowsill. Stan walked the neighborhood for a long time looking. I could tell he was very concerned. I'm sure he knew I would be heart broken, and I was. My heart felt heavy and my spirit dampened. I got up from the bed and began looking. Stan said he had looked in the garage, but I went out there anyway. I even climbed the stairs to the attic and called for her. Nowhere was she found. Then I began to cry. We have only had her since May 16, but we both love her, even Chloe-Sofia, though she chases her and poor kitty runs from her. ;) As I cried I could feel the big tears rolling down my cheeks. I sat on the floor and then thought..."Pray!" I asked The Lord to please help us find our sweet Twinkle Arabella. My heart was sickened to think of where our little cat had gone. Was she with another family? Had she gone somewhere to...die? Stan asked if I wanted him to make signs when he went to the church to rehearse with a cast member. He was getting ready to leave and I was crying. I knew he had done all he could and had to go. Then as I sat on the floor I prayed. I asked God to please bring Twinkle Arabella home. When Stan was about to get in the truck I asked him if he had looked in the hood of the truck. He "popped" the hood and closed the truck door. He opened the hood; I was standing in the kitchen door and I heard a soft meow. Then again. Stan heard it. She wasn't in the hood. She was on a tire. She jumped down and came running to me in the kitchen doorway. I crouched down, tears on my face and she nuzzled my face. Our sweet kitty was home again. Despite both of us going out into the garage and calling her she had not responded. Stan said if we hadn't checked he could have ran over her. I have a feeling she would have jumped down when she heard the truck crank. Her little paws were cold and she rubbed my nose with her's as she sat in my lap. How often do we "lose" something we love, or someone? God is often waiting for us to ask. He can do whatever it is we need or desire without asking, but often He wants to hear us ask. It pleases Him when we ask for His direction and help. It shows Him that we are dependent on Him and need Him. Don't we all want to feel we are needed? Perhaps God not only wants us to exercise our faith but I would think it pleases Him that we recognize our need for Him. He is faithful to us, even when we aren't faithful to him. For that I am grateful. I know I often let Him down, but never does He let me down. How often do we in the midst of our tears ask God to help us? I searched for just a few minutes, which seemed like much longer. Then I prayed. Within minutes Twinkle Arabella was found. I am reminded quite often God does care about the details of our lives! Even that of our pets. He knows they are special to us. Thank you God for keeping our sweet Twinkle Arabella safe and bringing her home. :) ♥ Merry CHRISTmas Jesus! Merry CHRISTmas friends and family!