Monday, October 4, 2010

The Web Remains

There is the slightest hint of color changing happening outside my window. Sunshine filters through the leaves and a spider has decided that the window I am looking out of is a good place for her home. I washed the web down one afternoon and within a day it was back, bigger than before. A day later I attempted to blow it down with a leaf blower, but it didn't budge. What kind of web is this? I was amazed. Then with all the Saturday winds I thought for sure the web would be gone, but it remained. I finally decided the not so little spider could stay as long as she wants. For a spider to work and build such a strong web must say something. If only I would be so determined when I want to make something happen. God gave a small creature the capacity to have determination. How often do I just give up? I began watching the spider and found her amazing. She would climb up and down her web and at times just hang on. In life how often I have felt I was running back and forth and then just hanging on. At times hanging on to God was my only assurance for the running back and forth I had to do. I went to the window this morning to see my "Miss Charlotte" and found her gone. The web remains. Will she return, or has she moved on? The web she so determinely spun remains as a reminder for me of persistance. God has a way of often speaking to me through his creation. May I be as determined to live my life for Him as this spider was to create and maintain her web. The next time I want to quit, give up or give in may I remember to stand strong for what I know I must.