Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Night Before 9-11

Thirteen years ago tonight I was working on wedding plans and anticipating my upcoming marriage to Stan. Some time had been spent with Stan that evening and of course I had my head in clouds so to speak.  Little did I know the next morning the world would be forever changed. 

Ten years earlier, almost to the date of the attacks I had been in NYC and had dinner at The Windows on the World restaurant which was located on the 106 and 107 floors of the North Tower. Looking out over the city I was mesmerized by the lights and activity. As a young adult in my early twenties I was filled with dreams about my future. Gazing out over the city I could imagine coming back to Windows with my future husband. That dream would never be. Many people lost dreams on 9-11 and many families lost those they loved and cherished most. 

Whatever we are going through God is not oblivious to. He sees each and every need we have and has an answer waiting. Thirteen years later I still miss knowing those towers are there but most of all I am reminded of how quickly our lives and our world can and will change. God is the only constant in out lives; in our world. He never shakes, crumbles, falls or vanishes. He was, He is and Is to Come. He Is the Great I AM.