Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday; Are We Shining Our Lights?

It's another Monday. Am I shining my light today? Raining. Storms are threatening. My allergies are terrible or do I have a cold? I have a bit of a headache. Am I shining my light? My body is somewhat achy. Yet, I feel happy. I think my light is shining. Unexplainable happiness. Why? What could bring on such happiness?

Much is going on in life at the moment. A lot of busy "stuff" and some things that I'm not even discussing publicly and yet I feel happy. My light is shining. My husband loves me, my family is wonderful, and my friends are the best. Peace...could that be the answer? I feel the peace of God inside my soul. Deep within where it doesn't make much difference if there is sunshine or rain outdoors. Deep within my inner being there is a feeling of lightness, peace, and joy. My light is shining.

You can smile when it is a dreary day, when you are facing difficult circumstances and when you are perhaps too tired to do anything else. Happiness doesn't always require great energy, but feeling angry, depressed, and irritated at the world does. We all have those days where we feel those feelings. It's okay. However, I choose for it not to be my lifestyle. I want to lift those up around me. After my friends leave my presence I hope we will feel just a bit closer to God and that we are making a difference in the world.

People are often observing us, even when we aren't thinking they are. Are we shining our lights? Do others see in us what we claim to have? Rather, do they see the one we claim to have within us? Do people see Jesus in my life? Is my light shining?

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