Monday, January 18, 2010

How Can We Not Feel?

The past week has been filled with stories on the news, internet, newspapers and magazines of the tragedy in Haiti. I see them day after day, hour after hour. Everywhere I go I hear people speaking of the horrors. The pictures are constant and the news coverage never ending. No matter how much I see, hear or read I do not seem to become numb to this. For that I'm thankful. To become insensitive to such human suffering would make me almost unhuman. I was born in America, the wonderful United States of America. It was by God's choosing for my life that I was born here. I could have been born in Haiti. I could be one of those enduring life under a sheet tent. May I not become numb to this nor may I just think of them as "those people over there." I told Stan Friday after dinner that I have to help because if I don't I can't enjoy a meal out or a movie when I know many are hurting. Yes, people hurt everyday in the world but we can also choose to make a difference. Each day I try to make someone's life a little better. It is simple really; a smile, letting someone cut in front of you in traffic, holding a door open; small things but small actions can make a difference. One kind action may lead to another kind action. We may not can all give large amounts of money but can we not all give a dollar? Can we not give up one cheeseburger, or one soda? We can all take a moment out to pray. Pray for the people of Haiti. How can we not feel the pain of these people? It could as easily be me as them. I'm blessed to live where I live and have what I have. Most of all I'm thankful to be a child of God and to have the peace, love and mercy He gives to us all.

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